About Us

Jam Up

Do you wonder what the term Jam Up means? It is a common saying in the world of billiards use to describe someone's abilities as being elite, extraordinary or can flat out play! We bring the same type of mindset to the world of sportswear, we just don’t want our product to be good. We want it to be Jam Up!


Jam Up Apparel was founded in 2017 by Damian & Mindy Pongpanik. With Damian's successful career in pool as well as business and Mindy's skill in design, they wanted to create a brand that offers a quality product for an underserved market of pool.


Since their launch in 2017, Jam Up Apparel has quickly become a household name in the pool and billiards industry. Jam Up has been the official jersey for Team USA Juniors in 2018 & 2019, as well as the competition gear of choice by many professional and amateur players.


Specializing in dye sublimation, Jam Up Apparel takes much pride in the fact that they manufacture all of their product domestically in the United States. It is important to both owners that we support the American worker and put forth the best product possible. With dye sublimation being in such high demand amongst so many sports and a lack of providers who manufacture the product domestically, Jam Up has expanded beyond the billiards industry and has served other markets such as Golf, E-Sports, Fishing, Darts, Bowling, Cornhole and even business event apparel.