About Us

Jam Up

In the competitive pool world, the phrase “Jam Up” is commonly used when referring to a person who plays exceptionally well and is widely considered very tough to beat. 

Jam Up Apparel was started by lifelong friends Damian Pongpanik and Damian Alishan who aside from sharing a first name, also share an incredible passion for the precise discipline that is world class pool. Having spent several years traveling the country and competing on some of the sport’s biggest stages and most infamous backrooms, the respect they both have for the game has now transcended into their clothing brand Jam Up.

Hoping to give the pool community a brand that not only can they embrace as their own but one that also fits the individual player’s need for comfort, style, and the constant chase for pool perfection.  

With the brilliant assistance of accomplished designer Mindy Pongpanik, Damian’s wife, Jam Up Apparel delivers to the pool community as well as the rest of the competitive world, what it means to reach the top and be considered Jam Up.